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Directors and Officers Insurance

To buy, renew, reword midterm, or trigger directors and officers insurance: contact us. We contractually guarantee lowest cost within the global insurance marketplace for tailored coverage that we structure independently of any insurance broker or lobbyist. DeshCap is ranked #1 for Liability Risk worldwide and Top Operational Risk Advisor.

What is Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and officers (D&O) insurance, also known as D&O liability insurance, is a type of liability business insurance that protects the individuals who serve on a company's board of directors or as an officer of the company against financial losses arising from legal claims made against them. These claims can include allegations of wrongful acts, such as breaches of duty, fraud, or discrimination. Click on the following link for more technical information on what is directors and officers insurance.

Cost of Directors and Officers Insurance

The cost of D&O insurance varies depending on the size and type of company, as well as the specific coverage options selected. It can be purchased as a standalone policy or as part of a broader package of insurance coverage. Typically if a company is paying over 1% in premium to insurance limit it is considered to be in the expensive range made for high risk businesses.

Benefit of Directors and Officers Insurance

The benefit of purchasing D & O insurance is that it can help to protect the personal assets of directors and officers in the event that they are held liable for wrongful acts committed in their official capacity. This can provide peace of mind for these individuals and can also help to attract and retain qualified individuals for these important roles within a company. The insurance can also protect the company itself in case of liability risk against it. It is recommended to buy D & O insurance when a company is first formed and then reviewed and updated as the company grows and evolves. Public companies are typically required to have D & O insurance as part of their liability protection.

Claiming Directors and Officers Insurance

There are various loss scenarios that can be claimed under a D & O insurance policy. It is important that the policy is triggered clinically by experts independent of brokers or insurers and who under the insurance claiming process.

Exclusions of Directors and Officers Insurance

There are certain things that are typically not covered by D&O insurance, such as:

  • Illegal or fraudulent activities
  • Bodily injury or property damage
  • Liabilities arising from employment practices or ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) claims
  • Liabilities arising from environmental or pollution incidents
  • Liabilities arising from the company's financial performance or financial products
  • Liabilities arising from the company's pension plan
  • Fine and penalties imposed by government authorities

It's important to note that the specific exclusions and limitations of D&O insurance can vary depending on the policy and the insurance company. Therefore, it is important to review and understand the terms of the policy before purchasing.

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