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products to hedge Physical, Cyber, and Financial risks.

We either structure new insurance products or reword existing ones.

COMMERCIAL Insurance Products

 Commercial Insurance (Business Insurance) is rarely taught in schools and as a result often misunderstood.

Manuscript Operational Risk protection

  • Fully tailored insurance for businesses that require bespoke solutions to risks

Rep and Warranty insurance (M&A insurance)

  • Enhance valuation with more competitive bids
  • Minimize or eliminate capital tied to escrow
  • Insure deal risk incl. reps & warranties / Clean exit and fast distribution to LPs

Trade credit insurance

  • For Businesses: secure receivables & improve finance for better credit risk management
  • For Lenders: offer more competitive loans & increase Factoring; achieve credit protection

D&O insurance (Management liability insurance)

E&O insurance (Professional liability insurance)

Fund & Trading insurance

  • Protect Fund NAV or IRR
  • Enhance compliance

Fidelity Bond (Fidelity insurance)

  • Stronger internal controls through a reworded Fidelity Bond
  • Protect operations against internal and external fraud risks

Excess insurance protection

  • Whether deposit insurance, liability insurance, all risks insurance, or other types of insurance

Employer liability insurance and Fiduciary liability insurance

  • Strengthen HR risk management using EPLI
  • Strengthen the administration of sponsored pension plans using ERISA bonds

Cyber insurance

  • Minimize reputational risk; protect against social engineering; use SOC network strategies
  • Strengthen IT risk management with an incident response plan and data protection

Mortgage impairment insurance

  • Relevant force-placed & foreclosed property coverage with appropriate CAT limits
  • Strengthen credit risk management

Property and Casualty insurance (P&C insurance)

Builders risk insurance and insurance for contractors

  • Construction insurance for better terms with lenders financing construction projects
  • Marketability to homeowners and institutional investors using various real estate insurance

Inland Marine

  • Protect valuable equipment and cargo

Surety Bonds

  • Guarantees on construction and environmental performance, payment, supply, maintenance, and related warranties.
  • Guarantees on court appeals, bank depositories, landfill closures, mining reclamations, workers' compensation self-insurers, custom tax, and more.
  • Create additional bank lending capacity through surety credit replacing letters of credit.
  • Guarantee international transactions through bonds for advance payment, trade guarantees, construction, performance, warranty, and maintenance.

Environmental & Pollution coverage

  • Protecting the business and its directors and officers from a range of environmental loss scenarios ranging from liability to business interruption and remediation costs.

Political risk insurance

  • Secure assets and counter-party risk in case of adverse political events locally or internationally.

Other protections

  • Protection against Malpractice, Product Recall, and coverage excluded under traditional insurance policies.

Financial Insurance products (DERIVATIVES)

Unlike Commercial Insurance, education around Derivatives is plenty and transparent. Use Derivatives on a stand-alone basis, or in connection with Commercial Insurance for a holistic approach.



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