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Management of Commercial Insurance

Great for companies without an in-house insurance department. Includes cash advances at loss and contractual guarantees on service and cost.

1. Annual operational risk profiling and audit including:

  • Quantifying exposures and probabilities of occurrence for desired protections and for different loss scenarios
  • Comparable-based analysis on the latest operational controls and insurance
  • Relevant regulatory updates

2. AI-based, word by word, analysis of designated Insurance including:

  • Coverage loopholes, inadequacies, ambiguities, errors, omissions, as it relates to Client risk profile
  • Updates based on market changes, Client operational risk profile, and operational losses

3. Triggering policies and clinical claims management for effective and fast payout:

  • Deductible Cash Advance at Loss
  • Lowest of 10% of main deductible or 1% of insurance limit (repaid upon successful insurer payout)

4. Risk-based contract reviews and advice on operational matters as required

5. Cost/Benefit analysis on new Insurance as required

6. Implementation including broker and insurer negotiations. Insurer evaluation every year and Broker RFPs every 3 years.

7. Advice on monetizing a defendant’s insurance in case Client is a Plaintiff

8. Audit Certificates for investors, regulators, and others