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Analytics for Commercial Insurance

Great for companies with an existing in-house insurance department. Our service includes the latest analytics.

  • This service is meant as a back-office solution assisting in-house insurance personnel with their own analytics and negotiations with brokers. Please refer to the comparison table below.

    The following items are NOT included in this service:

    a. Triggering policies and claims management for effective and fast payout

    b. Deductible Cash advance at loss

    c. Implementation including negotiations with insurance brokers/companies

    d. Contractual guarantees on service and cost

    e. Our team being responsible for the implementation and claims processes

Service Options

Management of Commercial Insurance

A comprehensive solution from structuring insurance to fit your operational details to triggering insurance for effective payout, all while having our own skin in the game.

Analytics for Commercial Insurance

A back-office solution to provide you with analytics for your own negotiations with brokers and insurers.

Annual operational risk profiling and audit. Includes:

a. Quantifying exposures and probabilities of occurrence for desired protections and for different loss scenarios;

b. Comparable-based analysis on the latest operational controls and insurance;

c. Relevant regulatory updates.

AI-based, word by word, analysis of designated Insurance: including coverage loopholes, inadequacies, ambiguities, errors, omissions, as it relates to Client risk profile.

Updates based on market changes, Client operational risk profile, operational losses, and quarterly management calls.

Triggering policies and clinical claims management for effective and fast payout:

- Deductible Cash Advance at Loss;

- Lowest of 10% of main deductible or 1% of insurance limit (repaid upon successful insurer payout).

Risk-based contract reviews and advice on operational matters as required.

Cost/Benefit analysis on new Insurance as required.

Field Expert implementation with brokers/insurers. Insurer evaluation every year and Broker RFP every 3 years.

Deshret Capital takes responsibility for implementation and claims.

Advice on monetizing a defendant’s insurance in case Client is a Plaintiff.

Audit Certificates for investors, regulators, others.