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AI-based Insurance Audit (word by word)

A word by word technical review of your commercial insurance policies vis a vis your operational risks, goals, and peers.
Eliminate coverage discrepancies that only profit insurers. Boost your insurance payout ratio and have relevant risk covered all while maximizing cost effectiveness. There is no value in buying business insurance otherwise.
Receive an audit certificate to present to your investors and other stakeholders.

Create or Extend your Risk Department

Pick and choose from an à la carte menu of services available to you in Risk Management and Corporate Insurance.
From measuring specific risks and loss scenarios to advising on related financial impacts to auditing risk management and insurance programs.
Our services are scalable to your needs whether you currently have no in-house experts or have fully operational departments.

Management of Commercial Insurance

Never buy insurance without changing it independently from a broker or insurer. Global firms don’t do it so why should you?
Managing the full process from analytics to implementations with brokers to claims handling all while having our skin in the game by putting our money with yours at loss.
Great for companies that do not have in-house insurance departments.

Analytics for Commercial Insurance

A pure back-office solution that helps you with your own implementation with brokers and insurers.
Industry leading analytics modelled based on your specific operational risks and translated to the insurance contracts using AI while putting you at an information advantage vis a vis brokers/insurers.
Great for companies that have in-house insurance departments.

Risk-adjusted finance

Investment Advisory

Incorporate risk and insurance metrics into investment decisions adding 200-400 bps to net annual returns.

Lender Advisory

Incorporate Operational Risk and insurance metrics that drive Credit risk into financing decisions while enhancing competitiveness.

M&A Advisory

Incorporate Operational Risk and insurance metrics into your due diligence process enhancing IRR.
"Despite many successful years in business, there was always one sector which proved incomprehensible to us: the world of commercial insurance including protection for directors (D&O). Given the complexity and wording of the policies, in the past we relied fully on our brokers to find whatever off-the-shelf policies would fit best with our needs. It was on a chance recommendation that we met Deshret Capital. They have for several years now been handling the whole insurance search and coverage process for us. They have located products we did not even know were available and managed (to our very pleasant surprise) to get these products tailored to our specific needs. The result: better products giving us better coverage at prices better than we had been previously paying. It could not have been easier!"
Anthony Di Ioia of BeaverTails
Anthony Di Ioia
BeaverTails is an iconic and world-famous Canadian Franchisor of Food Pastries. 
Barack Obama, former U.S. president, stopped by the Byward Market in Ottawa to enjoy a delicious BeaverTails® pastry on his first official visit to Canada in 2009.
“Deshret Capital has been our outsourced risk department for several years now and they were able to keep up with our high rate of growth as we went through several M&A transactions and transitioned from a private company to a public company. Their ability to scale with us, provide us with unique analytics, all while keeping excellent service levels gave us a strong level of confidence that our operation and stakeholders are well protected. Deshret Capital’s mandate includes measuring our operational risks, performing M&A risk due diligence, centralizing risk management including managing our insurance, and providing strategic financial advice that monetizes our risk management efforts versus competition."
Ghassan Halazon, EMERGE Commerce
Ghassan Halazon
Founder & CEO
EMERGE Commerce
Emerge Commerce (TSXV: ECOM) is a leading acquirer and operator of e-commerce brands across North America.
EMERGE was named one of the fastest growing companies in Canada by the Globe and Mail and is one of the largest Canadian e-commerce platforms.