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Risk-Adjusted Finance

Risk-managed Investment Advisory

  • 1. Using Operational Risk data and Insurance on portfolio companies to boost risk-adjusted IRR (hedging physical, cyber, and financial risks)

  • 2. Using Financial Insurance (derivatives) on securities or portfolios to maximize risk-adjusted return or meet desired goals

  • 3. Using Macro data, along with correlations between Operational and Financial insurance, for signals of entry/exit and shifting insurance allocations

    a. Selecting the most meaningful data points for analysis and execution

  • 4. Adjusting investment strategies and process

    a. Developing forward-looking insights complementing traditional terminals/models

    b. Analyzing and rectifying deviations from benchmarks; Reducing fund expenses

    c. Comprehensive Risk Due Diligence reporting including investment impact analysis

    d. Enhancing image and relationship with regulators above and beyond compliance

    e. Assisting in developing marketing material to investors

Risk-adjusted Lender Advisory

  • 1. Analyzing and quantifying Borrower Operational Risk and impact on Credit Risk

  • 2. Vetting Borrower Operational Data and Insurance for more accurate Risk assessments

    a. Adjusting loan size, rates, and terms and conditions

  • 3. Quantifying Operational Risk and ensuing potential regulatory capital relief

  • 4. Across various types of financing (corporate finance, project finance, retail programs, other)

Risk-adjusted Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory

  • 1. Analyzing and quantifying Deal Risk

    a. Adjusting Valuation metrics including Scenario Analysis

  • 2. Vetting Buyer and Seller Operational (Commercial) Insurance

  • 3. Cost/Benefit of structuring Transactional Liability insurance (aka. Reps & Warranties)

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