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Below is a list of our à la carte Risk and Insurance services.

The cost of mismanagement of risk
“Deshret Capital has been our outsourced risk department for several years now and they were able to keep up with our high rate of growth as we went through several M&A transactions and transitioned from a private company to a public company. Their ability to scale with us, provide us with unique analytics, all while keeping excellent service levels gave us a strong level of confidence that our operation and stakeholders are well protected. Deshret Capital’s mandate includes measuring our operational risks, performing M&A risk due diligence, centralizing risk management including managing our insurance, and providing strategic financial advice that monetizes our risk management efforts versus competition."
Ghassan Halazon, EMERGE Commerce
Ghassan Halazon
Founder & CEO
EMERGE Commerce
Emerge Commerce (TSXV: ECOM) is a leading acquirer and operator of e-commerce brands across North America.
EMERGE was named one of the fastest growing companies in Canada by the Globe and Mail and is one of the largest Canadian e-commerce platforms.

Risk Management

  • 1. Risk-adjusted analysis of financials

  • 2. IFRS 9 frameworks and modelling

  • 3. Modelling of specific loss scenarios including Physical, Cyber, and Financial

  • 4. Risk Management Design & Strategy

    a. Enterprise, Operational, Credit

    b. Review of Internal Controls

    c. Drafting of Policies

  • 5. Business Continuity Strategy

  • 6. Contract Review and Analysis

  • 7. Compliance Review

  • 8. Risk Due Diligence (Specific Transaction)

  • 9. Certification of Risk Management Program

  • 10. Employee Training and Certification

  • 11. Other

Corporate Insurance

  • 1. Insurance-adjusted analysis of Risk

  • 2. Insurance Program Design

  • 3. Insurance Policy Analysis (word by word) and modelling of payout ratios

  • 4. Claims Analysis & Advocacy

    a. Litigation Support

    b. Subrogation Evaluation

    c. Loss Recovery

  • 5. Insurance Broker Selection/RFPs

  • 6. Alternative Risk Financing

  • 7. Compliance Review

  • 8. Insurance Due Diligence (Specific Transaction)

  • 9. Certification of Insurance Program

  • 10. Employee Training and Certification

  • 11. Other

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