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Operational risk is the nucleus of all business risks:

  • Operational Risk as defined by the Basel regulations.
  • Insurance must be tailored to the Operational Risk of each business.

Hedging operational risks systematically boosts valuations benefiting shareholders, which should be marketed accordingly.

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CreatE or Extend Your Risk Department

Pick and choose the services you want to maximize results from Risk Management and Corporate Insurance

Insurance companies carefully dESIGN their policies to maximize profits, which includes:

  • Effective payouts on rare scenarios or small claims only.
  • Many grey areas within commercial insurance wording to challenge a claim and/or drag it all the way to court.
  • Compensation to brokers directly and/or indirectly to sell.

Insurance has to be reworded, managed, and triggered independently from any Insurance Broker or Company.

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Management of Commercial insurance

A comprehensive solution from structuring insurance to fit your operational details to triggering insurance for effective payout, all while having our own skin in the game.
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analytics for commercial insurance

A back-office solution to provide you with analytics for your own negotiations with brokers and insurers.

Managing operational risks Must:

Be data-driven
Include the optimal use of operational (commercial) and financial insurance
Be tied to investment goals