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hedging and monetizing Physical, Cyber, and Financial Risks.

Including rewording and triggering commercial insurance.

Graph showing returns increasing the more risk is managedGraph showing returns increasing the more risk is managed

What We Do

We use our proprietary math and AI based platforms to measure different types of Operational Risk (Op Risk) for a business or investors and analyze insurance solutions to produce an effective risk management framework, which can then be monetized by the business or investors.

Our process incorporates strict guidelines and definitions with respect to risk measurement and the structuring of insurance, which entails the latest solutions (ex. European Banking Act measurement guidelines and The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision definitions).

The diagram below illustrates the relationship between Operational Risk Management (ORM), Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), and Insurance. Average frequency, severity, probabilities of occurrence, and correlations of Client or Transaction risks depend on deep analysis thereof.

Who We ARe

A team of Finance, Risk Management, and Insurance professionals with advanced academic backgrounds and extensive experience from top global investment banks, corporates, insurance brokerages and companies.

We do not replace any Insurance Broker, we work with them to distribute our terms and not those of any Insurance Company.

About our team:
* Members of our product team are all CFA Charterholders
* A diverse group that includes as many women as men
* Follows high standards of ethics and social responsibility


Incepted in early 2014 and headquartered in Toronto, Deshret Capital (DeshCap) is one of the first, if not the first, risk consultancies in the world to change Commercial Insurance to match the unique operational risks of business, as well as to enable the monetization of Commercial Insurance and Operational Risk.

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Why Us

Based on Science and AI

Big 4 Accounting Firms
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Top Global Insurance Brokers

Independence from brokers and insurers

Expertise: basic Operational Risk

Expertise: advanced Operational Risk

Expertise: Insurance Management

Expertise: Risk-adjusted Finance

Triggering Insurance and Cash advance at Loss

International expertise

Centralized database & analytics

Unique Features of Deshret Capital

  • NO commission and complete independence from any Broker, Insurer, Lobbyist
  • Over $2 Billion of Claims experience + Consistent track record
  • Ability to work with existing Broker and Insurer OR as a back-office plugin
  • Earned the Trust of Investors and Management in multiple countries
  • Contractual Guarantees on Results (cost and service)