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Insurance Claiming Process

Contact us if your company experienced a loss or a circumstance that may lead to a loss. It is important to seek the assistance of independent insurance claim consultants whenever claiming any type of commercial insurance. Management will be at a disadvantage when negotiating on their own vis a vis the insurer and their loss adjuster. Please note that the insurance broker is not involved in a claims process.

Insurance Claiming Process

As it respects business or commercial insurance, it is important to understand that the insurance claiming process revolves around three main functions:

  1. Positioning Loss matching relevant Policy sections (independently of any broker or insurer);
  2. Navigating the insurer's internal claims process;
  3. Negotiating with Broker, Insurer, and Loss Adjuster.

For more detailed information regarding each function, read about the Business Insurance Claims Process.


It is imperative that Management avoid falling into the trap of the insurance policy not paying out as expected, which is called insurance risk. If the insurance does not pay out, the business always has the option to bring legal action against the insurer and the broker, however this is a long and expensive process that is reserved to very large businesses that have the liquidity to fight brokers and insurers in court. Litigation of a business insurance claim is a very complex matter and may not result in desired results after accounting for legal fees, especially if the insurance coverage under question was not tailored operationally in the first place.

It is therefore important to have any type of business insurance reworded and triggered independently of any insurance broker, company, or lobbyist. Note that business insurance has both an operational aspect and a legal aspect, on which we put weights of 95% and 5% respectively in terms of importance to protecting a business and its investors (the point is that going to court to enforce coverage defeats the purpose of buying insurance, so you want to make sure that whatever insurance you buy protects your business right, based on operational data, and pays out fast on large losses).

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