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Tech Valuation Enhanced with Risk Management

A Saudi based Tech company secures its main operational risks including Cyber risks through structured insurance. The company leveraged its strong operational risk management during its Series B round of funding.


Management of a Saudi Tech company, financially backed by Aramco, had experienced a severe operational loss in 2015. They wanted to be protected from such scenario re-occurring and in time for their Series B round of funding.


We discovered that the company was not aware that they were able to rely on structured insurance products (as opposed to off-the-shelf products) in order to protect them against specific loss events. We then engaged our global insurance network, which included domestic and international insurers, to begin the process of structuring the insurance and negotiating its pricing accordingly.


  • New structured insurance was provided to the company to protect them from the specific operational loss scenarios that Management feared, including specific Cyber loss scenarios.
  • The company changed its growth strategy to take on more risk given its confidence in the newly structured insurance.
  • The company included its newly structured insurance in its marketing efforts to lure in institutional investors, which included prominent European VC players.
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