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Insurance Claim Consultants

If you are looking for insurance claim consultants, contact us wherever your domicile. We are independent of any insurance broker, company, loss adjuster, or lobbyist, and have a strong record at triggering commercial insurance for effective payouts across multiple countries. DeshCap uses world leading commercial insurance analytics and methods that have led the team to process over $2 Billion in claims. It is highly recommended that commercial insurance be reworded and updated from the onset prior to the occurrence of a loss.

Importance of Insurance Claim Consultants

Many businesses, small or large, are unaware of the following highlighting the importance of insurance claim consultants:

  • Commercial insurance payout ratios greatly favour insurance companies statistically on average
  • Insurance companies have the ability to deny coverage even if coverage exists (Strategic Default)
  • Insurance Risk can be greatly reduced by clinically triggering an insurance policy

Business Insurance Claims Process

Business Insurance Claims Process
Insurance claim consultants have specific expertise to navigate the business insurance claims process.

N.B. Large business insurance claims require a clinical execution of the claims process as insurers become literal in their wording interpretations and defend their financials to the greatest extent. The average payout ratio on large claims stands at less than 25% in part due to businesses lacking the expertise to trigger insurance independently from brokers or insurers. It is therefore important for any business to hire independent insurance claim consultants.

As depicted above there are 3 main stages to the business insurance claims process:

1. Positioning Loss – must be done independently of Broker or Insurer

•Word by word scan of relevant policy sections

•Ensuring adherence to notice requirements

•Positioning Loss details to match Policy conditions

•Strategic responses to insurer requests for documentation

2. Insurer internal claims process

•Navigating specific Insurer’s internal claims process

- Authority levels; Personnel; External Counsel

•Leveraging Insurer precedents on similar claims

3. Negotiations with Broker & Loss Adjuster

•Tactical responses to Broker and Loss Adjuster queries

•Leveraging external data on similar claims

- Past court rulings in U.S. and Canada

Litigation of a Business Insurance Claim

Litigation of Insurance Claim
It is important for insurance claim consultants to be part of the entire litigation process of an insurance claim.

Insurance Claims Adjuster vs. Insurance Claims Consultant

An insurance claims adjuster is typically hired by an insurance company to evaluate a claim in relation to the occurrence of a loss. The insurance claims adjuster is compensated by the insurance company and not the insured or the business buying the insurance. So the job of an insurance claims adjuster entails a fundamental conflict of interests. It is therefore important for any business to have insurance claims consultants who are compensated by the business to represent them in the event of a loss or claim. Many insurance claims adjusters call themselves insurance claims consultants as well, so there is a play on words that is being used for marketing purposes. Businesses have to investigate the clients of any insurance claims consultant, alongside their experience, track record, and business model.

Independent Claims Consultants

Complete independence is very important throughout the insurance claims process because the insured or the business must get full payment due at loss and fast as long as there is coverage. Therefore, independent claims consultants representing the business or the insured will be unbiased or impartial as a result of them not having any direct or indirect ties with insurance brokers, insurers, or other insurance lobbyists. It is important for the business to make sure that independent claims consultants are truly independent by asking them questions around their licensing, whether or not they are hired by insurers or law firms, and other deeper queries as needed.

Insurance Claims Queries

Many have searched for one of the following online, which are related to business insurance claims in one way or another and require the explanation or expertise of insurance claim consultants:

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