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Franchise in Financial Services

DeshCap is a franchise in financial services

If you represent an established firm in the services industry and are looking for a franchise in financial services: contact us.

About our Franchise in Financial Services

Deshret Capital (DeshCap) is a tech-driven risk advisor (Google’s #1 Liability Risk Manager and a Top Operational Risk Advisor worldwide) looking for a business development partner for various markets around the world. We have been servicing business and investors across different geographies since 2014 and are interested in growing in new territories.  

We offer various risk and insurance services, to mid-sized and large business and investors regardless of industry, and are focusing on the following service for high chances of success:

  • Insurance Analytics and Management to Business and Investors for best outcomes with insurance brokers and insurers. Results are: best compliance, higher insurance payout ratio, protection against core operational risks, and lower net cost (contractually guaranteed) for any mid-sized or large business.

Most business and investors already buy business insurance products (ex. property, liability, M&A, credit, etc.). Our team would reword and trigger the insurance for best value to the business and investors. The business can keep the same broker and insurance company if they wish but get a much better product in return for lower cost.

This service was introduced in response to the average commercial insurance payout ratio on larges losses being less than 25% on average in developed markets, and less than 10% in emerging markets. In essence, most business and investors give free money to brokers and insurers as the insurance they buy is flawed and expensive. In fact, many of our clients had losses that were not paid by their insurance, which they have been buying for many years before meeting us.

This service is not provided currently in many geographies, we therefore believe in a large market opportunity. The service can sell itself easily if there is a strong relationship with the business and its Management or its Investors.

A Partner for our Franchise in Financial Services

We are looking for an established and credible firm with a successful track record in its designated geography and strong connections with CFOs, CEOs, Board Members, and Business Owners or Investors. The following are what we expect from the Partner:

  • Open doors with CFOs, or other executives overseeing insurance, for technical calls with our team leading to proposals
  • Follow up with CFOs and executives on proposals to close the deal
  • Manage and own the relationship once the deal is closed
  • Coordinate with Head Office including on client pricing and administration


We will compensate Partner on a profit-sharing basis (25% of our annual fee in year 1 and then 10% after that in perpetuity as the client renews). This split has been successful and fruitful to our Partners in various jurisdictions.

If your firm is interested, a call would be organized between your seniors and ours for a formal discussion.

Licensing Requirement

Most jurisdictions do not require a specific license for risk management consultants. However, they do require the insurance broker and insurer to be licensed, which we ensure. Jurisdictions such as Canada and the U.S. provide for specific licensing separate from that of insurance licensing to brokers.

Targets and Milestones

The target for a Partner is to secure 1-2 mid-sized or large business per year as clients. The business should at a minimum spend over $50,000 on insurance annually, or the investor should have genuine risk concerns and a financial ability to hedge against such concerns. Typically the sales cycle should take no longer than 18-24 months if there is a strong relationship between the Partner and the business. We would therefore recommend a pilot phase of 18-24 months accordingly.

From Pilot to Permanent Partnership

In the event the pilot phase is successful, we can then transition into a permanent partnership basis with the following attributes:

  • Marketing Fund sponsored by Head Office
  • Territorial Exclusivity
  • Changes in the custody of fees and administration as agreed upon
  • Other negotiated structures
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