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Business Insurance Education and Certification

Contact us if you are looking for online business insurance classes or courses whether you are at a beginner or advanced level. DeshCap is Google's #1 Liability Risk Advisor worldwide and the first to link business insurance to operational risk globally. Our Curriculum is based on many years of experience and research and our teachers have advanced educational backgrounds compounded with field expertise in various aspects of business insurance. Get an Insurance Certification if you complete our programs as well as access to potential career placement opportunities in various countries. Our curriculum has been designed independently of any insurance broker, company, or lobbyist, to equip professionals with unbiased business insurance knowledge that they can use to further their careers and endeavours.

Insurance for Education

Insurance is rarely taught in schools and when it is taught it is done so through the lens of insurance lobbyists. Insurance for Education should be democratized to equip professionals with technical insurance training and learning that is unbiased and based on science. Such professionals will in turn benefit their companies by using the latest knowledge and applications in their day to day functions, including but not limited to insurance procurement at a company, broking, underwriting, or adjusting claims.

Insurance Classes

Our insurance classes and courses are grouped into programs segmented by expertise: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Insurance Classes for Property and Casualty

Our Curriculum includes the topics of both property insurance as well as casualty insurance.

Property and Casualty Insurance Basics

Learn the basics of property and casualty insurance, from the standpoint of the insurer, the broker, as well as the insured.

P&C Insurance Designations

Most if not all P&C insurance designations come from institutes that are lobbied by insurance companies and brokers. Our designation or certificates of attendance or completion are based on unbiased property and casualty insurance knowledge from the world's leading independent risk advisor.

Property and Casualty Insurance Knowledge

We believe that Property and Casualty insurance knowledge should be democratized and unbiased. There is a substantial amount of data going back to the late 1800s that our team has gone through to bring about the world's leading property and casualty insurance knowledge to our students and program participants.

P&C Insurance Online Courses

Get the latest analytics on Property and Casualty from our P&C insurance online courses. We offer different programs that include several courses depending on an individual's level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

Commercial Insurance Classes

Our Curriculum touches upon most commercial insurance products and dives deep into each type. Moreover, the advanced levels are able to learn about how commercial insurance can be integrated within the broader risk management framework and how that impacts financing and investment results for a business and investors.

Insurance Certification

Upon completion of a program, testing is conducted and insurance certification is provided upon a passing grade.

Insurance Training

Commercial insurance training is provided independently of our educational programs. Please refer to our list of a la carte risk and insurance services.

Jobs for Insurance Companies

Our extensive global insurance network can create opportunities for graduates of our programs as well as insurance companies.

Insurance Jobs

Our insurance learning platform opens doors for individuals to enter the insurance industry or further their careers within it and across various insurance jobs such as the following: broker, account executive, manager, junior underwriter, underwriter, senior underwriter, portfolio manager, chief underwriting officer, other.

Underwriter Jobs

Demand is growing for underwriter jobs and as technology advances the skillset of an underwriter needs to match the advancement in technology. Our academic programs prepare individuals for underwriter jobs and more. Moreover, our graduates can have the opportunity of tapping into our global insurance network, which can give them access to underwriter jobs across different product lines as well as geographies.

Teaching Insurance

Teaching insurance is not easy because most insurance professionals have formed bad habits through hearsay or have acquired certifications through educational providers that are lobbied by either insurance brokers or companies, which results in a biased and a narrowly focused view of the science behind insurance. Our insurance teacher or teachers are employed by DeshCap and have advanced academic backgrounds and extensive experience from some of the world's largest or leading insurance brokers, companies, investment banks, and corporates.

Insurance Continuing Education

Our academic programs are gaining notoriety and we are actively pursuing partnerships with risk management associations across the world to provide for a methodical approach to continuing education credits.

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