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Summary case studies for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

M&A Case Study 1 – Sale of a portfolio company of a leading global PE firm

Results achieved

  •  Insurance is restructured for a payout ratio > 90% with expanded protection
  •  > 40% of cost savings achieved versus initially quoted premium and fees
  •  Successful release of escrow capital given the restructured insurance policy

M&A Case Study 2 – Significant cost savings to Buyer on Reps and Warranties insurance

Results achieved

  •  50% of insurance savings achieved while maintaining the same insurer, broker, and policy terms
  •  Structured insurance protection for risks falling outside the scope of the Reps and Warranties insurance

M&A Case Study 3 – Higher valuation for a FinTech company backed by a leading global VC firm

Results achieved

  •  Reduced the dollar amount of Risk in operations by 60%
  •  Structured insurance protection for post-close core residual risks (ex. Cyber risks) 
  •  Structured Reps and Warranties insurance with a payout ratio > 90%
  •  Advised Client on a successfully sought risk-adjusted valuation leading to a 25% premium
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