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Insurance Management Services

If you are looking for impartial insurance management services, contact us. We contractually guarantee results including net cost for tailored coverage that we structure and trigger independently of any insurance broker or company for best value to business and investors.


This content is independent of any content coming from insurance brokers, insurers, or lobbyists. Commercial insurance is rarely taught in schools, and when it is it’s mostly done through the lens of brokers or insurers. There are many misconceptions around insurance management services, just like many topics in risk management and commercial insurance, due to bad habits acquired through over reliance on insurance brokers or insurers or information providers who are lobbied by them. It is also important to note that insurance has both an operational aspect and a legal aspect, on which we put weights of 95% and 5% respectively in terms of importance to protecting a business and its investors (the point is that going to court to enforce coverage defeats the purpose of buying insurance, so you want to make sure that whatever insurance you buy protects your business right and pays out fast on large losses).

Insurance Management Services

Our insurance management services can be tailored for your business and provide you with the option of either back-office analytics or complete management.

year-round insurance management
Insurance Management is a continuous year-round process that should be tailored to the size and type of a business.

Insurance Management Company

We are an insurance management company since our core service offerings include providing commercial insurance analytics and management services to business and investors.

Insurance Management Process

The insurance management process should start with the identification and quantification of operational risks of a business, followed by the procurement of commercial insurance to match and lower the quantum of such operational risks. The procurement process itself includes analyzing policy wording, complying with insurance obligations, negotiating with insurance brokers and companies, logging claims events or operational losses, and triggering the insurance in the event of a claim.

Insurance Management Definition

Insurance Management is the management of insurance bought by a business independently of any insurance broker or company. Instead of the business engaging an insurance broker directly, it would instead hire experts to perform insurance management services including but not limited to negotiating with brokers, complying with contractual obligations, and managing claims as they arise.

Insurance Management Framework

A framework for insurance management is recommended and experts have different frameworks that they use. The framework should be built to match insurance coverage to the operations of a business. Our team has a proprietary methodology to measure risks, and reword and trigger insurance, which are key components of insurance management. We also use the latest technology when providing insurance management services.

Insurance Management Consultants

Contact us if you are looking for insurance management consultants. We offer four types of insurance management services:

  1. AI-based independent audit of insurance
  2. Management of Commercial Insurance, which includes negotiations with brokers and claims management
  3. Analytics for Commercial Insurance, which entails back-office analytics for your own negotiations with brokers and claims management
  4. A la carte insurance management services
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