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Navigate Trucking Insurance with Confidence

If you are looking to buy, reword midterm, or renew any type of Trucking Insurance, contact us. We contractually guarantee results including net cost for tailored coverage that we structure and trigger independently of any insurance broker or company for best value to business and investors.


This content is independent of any content coming from insurance brokers, insurers, law firms, or other insurance lobbyists. Commercial insurance is rarely taught in schools, and when it is, it’s mostly done through the lens of brokers or insurers. There are many misconceptions around trucking insurance, like many other topics in commercial insurance, due to bad habits acquired through the over reliance on insurance brokers or insurers or information providers who are lobbied by them. It is also important to note that insurance has both an operational aspect and a legal aspect, on which we put weights of 95% and 5% respectively in terms of importance to protecting a business and its investors (the point is that going to court to enforce coverage defeats the purpose of buying insurance, so you want to make sure that whatever insurance you buy protects your business right, based on operational data, and pays out fast on large losses).

construct of trucking insurance
Most Business and Investors miscalculate the construct of trucking insurance.

Trucking Insurance Coverage

Trucking insurance coverage is divided into two main coverages: 1. Business coverage; 2. Auto coverage. A truck can act as a business, whether for the sake of transporting or serving product or other business purpose, and should therefore be insured as a business. A truck is also a vehicle that moves, and should therefore be insured as an auto. For instance the liability that stems while the truck is moving is an auto risk, which is different than the liability that stems when the truck is not moving for the purpose of offloading or onloading or serving product. For more details around how the insurance coverage should be tied to the operations and components of a truck, visit Commercial Insurance For Trucks.

Trucking Insurance Brokers

Any licensed broker, whether local or international, can provide quotes for trucking insurance. We can appoint you a broker as we make brokers compete for your business.

Trucking Insurance Brokerage

Please refer to the above section.

Trucking Insurance Specialists

We are specialists in trucking insurance and we are independent of any insurance broker or company.

Trucking Insurance In Different Geographies

Trucking insurance policies are different from one insurer to another and across different jurisdictions. Make sure to hire risk experts such as ourselves who are independent of insurance brokers or companies and who can guide you through a relevant trucking insurance policy. The following is a random list outlining different trucking insurance available yet that can be materially different when analyzing each insurance's coverage details:

  • trucking insurance alabama
  • trucking insurance california
  • trucking insurance florida
  • trucking insurance illinois
  • trucking insurance indiana
  • trucking insurance michigan
  • trucking insurance north carolina
  • trucking insurance ohio
  • trucking insurance oklahoma
  • trucking insurance ontario
  • trucking insurance texas
  • trucking insurance virginia

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Do Trucks Cost More To Insure

Yes for the most part. This all depends on the make and model of the truck as well as its intended use, amongst other factors.

Trucking Umbrella Insurance

Contact us if you're looking to purchase umbrella insurance on your truck's primary insurance. We can assign you a broker and provide you with analytics to get the insurance at best value to you.

How Much Is Insurance For Trucking Company

This all depends on the make and model of the truck as well as its mode of use.

Trucking Insurance Providers

There are many providers of trucking insurance, we can assist you with assigning you a licensed broker.

Trucking Insurance Brokers Ontario

We can assist you with assigning you a licensed broker in Ontario. We make brokers compete for your business for best value to you.

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